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The earth will shake Giant asteroids are coming

The earth will shake Giant asteroids are coming

Any day an asteroid will hit the earth. Such is the fear of astronomers. The asteroid is thought to have the potential to destroy any major city on Earth. Alan Fitzgerald, a professor at the Astrophysics Research Center at Queen’s University in Ireland, has expressed such fears. He says it’s pointless to talk about whether an asteroid will collide with Earth. He said it was better to try to predict when the clashes would take place.

On June 30, 1908, an asteroid crashed in Tunguska, Siberia. The small asteroid destroyed an area of ​​600 square miles. A collision like this today can turn any big city into dust. And if the size of the asteroid is a little bigger, then the scientists are shocked by imagining the picture of the destruction.

Scientists are trying to identify the asteroids around the Earth. 1600 such asteroids have also been found. But many more such asteroids are still orbiting the Earth, which could hit Earth, Fitzgerald said.

The earth will shake Giant asteroids are coming



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