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The first dawn is a terrifying ghost story

The first dawn is a terrifying ghost story

This story is not my own. I heard it a long time ago from one of my cousins. I was terrified that day. In fact, the atmosphere was such that there was no way to be afraid. I heard the story while eating winter cake at night in the backyard of the village. I am telling the story of why I got scared. The first dawn is a terrifying ghost story

A man was walking home alone through the jungle in the dark of night. Hurricane blazing in his hand. As he walked, he suddenly noticed – the light of the hurricane fell on the side of the road. Curious, the man stepped forward. He went and saw the body of a young girl lying there.

He was scared but saw a diamond ring on the middle finger of the girl’s right hand. Hesitantly, he put the hurricane aside and tried to open the ring from the corpse’s finger. But the finger swelled and did not open at all. The man then took a knife out of his pocket.

Then he cut the finger of the corpse with that knife. Just then the silence of the night was broken and a fox called from somewhere nearby. Frightened, the man began to run the ring with his finger into his pocket. When he came home in a hurry and did not say anything to anyone, he quietly released the ring from his finger that night. Then he hid the ring and buried it in the ground.

The first dawn is a terrifying ghost story

Many days have passed since then. The man almost forgot about the girl. One New Moon night he was home alone. Shunshan silence all around. Suddenly there was a knock on the door – knocking. He got a little annoyed and opened the door. He saw a young woman standing in front of the door wearing a white sari. Even though the veil is given on the head, its form is not covered so much.

The man asked gad – what’s the matter? Who do you want? The young woman said in a hoarse voice – Brother, I have come from far away. I will go to the village next to you. But I have lost my way in the dark so many nights. Meanwhile, he is very hungry. If you would give me a little shelter tonight, a little food!

The man seemed to be waiting for such an opportunity. She is the only beautiful girl at home. He said – Come on come on, no worries. All arrangements will be made. He let the girl sit down and brought food. The girl pulled out a plate of food and began to spread the food.

The man is looking at the girl with greedy eyes. Suddenly he was startled. He saw four fingers on the hand with which the girl was spreading the food. Blood is dripping from where the middle finger is supposed to be. The man’s soul trembled. He wanted to know in a frightened voice – Ah .. what happened to your finger !?


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