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The husband lives in one house with 39 wives

The husband lives in one house with 39 wives

The present era is the era of a nuclear family, the era of flat culture. Sons leave their parents and separate from their wives. But today I will talk about one such person. Who owns the largest family in the world. If you listen to him, you will also become yes.

The person we are talking about today is Giona Chana from Mizoram, India. Where people eat himsim to cover the expenses of two or three members of the family.

He is living there with his 39 wives, 94 children, 14 mothers-in-law, and 33 grandchildren. Giona’s four-story house has 100 rooms and everyone lives in that house together. Giona is a carpenter by profession.

He got married for the first time at the age of 18 to Saren Jathiangi but he still wants to get married. The whole family has the same rules as an army.

Giona’s first wife, Jathiangi, explains her work responsibilities to everyone on a daily basis. The family needs 60 kg of potatoes and about 100 kg of rice for their daily diet. And if you ever have meat, you need about 30 kg of chicken meat.

Chana said, “I consider myself a God-given child. Because he has given me the responsibility to take care of so many people. ” “I consider myself a very lucky husband.

I have 39 wives and I am the head of the largest family in the world. ”

Coincidentally, Chana is also the head of a community there. Who allows people to marry as many as they like. He even married 10 women a year.

When he was ideal for child production. He liked to sleep alone in his big double bed. And all his wives slept together when he was older.

He kept the youngest wives near his bed house and the older wives slept far away. And Chana used to have a rotation system to spend the night in the bedroom, that is, every day another wife would spend the night in her room.

Rinkmini, Chana’s 35-year-old wife, said: “We always tried to be close to his house. Because he is the most important member of the house. He is the most handsome man in our village. ”

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The husband lives in one house with 39 wives


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