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The life story of grandfather and grandson

The life story of grandfather and grandson

After the death of his grandmother, his grandfather moved from his village home to his son’s house in the city.
Since there was no one in the village, he was forced to leave. He is survived by his son’s wife and five-year-old granddaughter.

Happy family. Grandpa is very old. As a result of not getting enough energy in the hand, the hand is always cut.

I can’t see with my eyes. But Natin likes to hear stories from his grandfather. Every night the granddaughter does not want to go to sleep without listening to her grandfather’s story.
There are some problems when they eat together at night.

Food often falls out of Grandpa’s hands, the glass falls off and the whole dining tie gets wet, or he often mixes one food with another because he sees less with his eyes.

The problem is getting worse day by day and the whole dining is dirty so grandpa is now given food at a separate table.

This is not the end of the problem. Often the glass falls from the hands of the grandfather and breaks. So in the end, the decision was made to feed Grandpa on an old steel plate and glass.

Grandpa often shed tears silently because he could not eat happily at the table with everyone in the family. His own disability gradually doubled his age – his body became weaker.

Thus, after leaving for some time, one day a heavy box fell from the top and the plate, which was supposed to be for Dada, became more tattered and burst in one direction.

Natin quickly took the plate from his grandfather and started to fix the plate with a hammer. And tape began to be put behind the torn place.
Seeing this act of the son, the father wants to know in a soft voice – “My little magic gem, what are you doing?” The boy looked at his father and smiled and said, “Dad, I’m trying to fix the plate.”

The father took the hammer from his son’s hand, laughed and said, “Your hand may be cut off, I will buy another one tomorrow.”

The boy replied, “Dad, look hard and buy it.” Dad wants to know- “What will happen with so much hard work?

The boy says-

“When I grow up, I will let you eat on this kind of plate, because then you will also grow old.” The word struck a chord in my father’s mind. He was determined to feed his father if he needed to, as he had done when he was very young.

 life story of grandfather and grandson



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