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The longest strawberry cake in the world

There is no end to human desire and thinking. He surprised everyone by making all sorts of new things. But to do some work you have to pour your heart out. With such a heart, a group of curious people made the longest strawberry cake in the world.

The 105-foot-long strawberry cake was made by five professional pastry chefs at the 25th Strawberry Cake Festival in France. To make such a large cake, 620 eggs, 300 egg yolks, 59 pounds of sugar, 6 pounds of flour, and 440 pounds of strawberries were used.

Guinness has already recognized the cake as the longest cake ever. Authorities took the initiative to sell the Guinness Book of World Records cake without opening it to the public.

The cake is cut into small pieces and sold to festival-goers to raise money for a charity.



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