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The story of a terrible corpse

The story of a terrible corpse

The incident took place on the road in front of the SP’s house in Charjoypara village of Dohar police station. Where there is a culvert and there is a big bush right next to it.

This incident happened about 7/8 years ago today. One night a rickshaw was coming down the road with a passenger. The night will be about eleven or half-past eleven. We know that most of the people in the village fall asleep around 9/10. So at that time, there was absolutely depopulation. They are both going down that road. At that time they suddenly noticed something white from a distance.

When they went to the place near that culvert, they saw a corpse in white cloth lying on the culvert. Then they both got down from the rickshaw and went to the body. They both wondered who had left a corpse here so late at night! The man told the rickshaw puller that maybe someone had left the body here. Let’s take the body and bury it.

The story of a terrible corpse

But the rickshaw pullers objected. He said to the man, “Give me my rent.” I can’t take these bodies. The man said to him, “Okay, I’ll pay you 100 rupees more.” Hearing this, the rickshaw puller agreed to take the body. However, the rickshaw puller made it a condition that you pick up the body. The man said, “Okay, so be it.” Then the man went to the corpse and as soon as he lifted the cloth of his face, he saw the corpse staring with his eyes open.

That is, when someone dies with their eyes open, it is just as seen. This makes him a little scared. Then he removed some more parts of the corpse’s body cloth and saw that the fur of the corpse’s body was quite large, which was completely different from any ordinary human being. That is, the fur was just like the fur of a sheep. Seeing this, the man screamed and fainted.

And the rickshaw puller ran away with a shout and went in front of a house. People go there to hear him. But after much searching, nobody was found there. Even the man was not found there. The next morning the man’s body was found under the culvert, half-buried in the mud.



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