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The story of life is the waves of the sea

The story of life is the waves of the sea

Standing on the beach, a little boy said to his father, “Dad, what if I drown in that sea?”

The father then held the boy’s hand tightly with a smile and said “Damn fool, you won’t drown. I’m not here!”

Twenty-five years have passed since then. During this long time, the father kept his son safe from all the hard waves

From hand.

The father did not touch the boy with a single drop of injury! In time, the father grows old and the boy becomes an adult

Togbaghe is young but the boy who became that young man is his old man for a while

He left his father in the middle of a deep sea. It’s a little different sea.

There is a deep void here. Where there are no favorite people. Loneliness and neglect accompany the end of life. We call that place old age home!

When the boy leaves his father in the old age home, he says, “Dad, I’m too busy with my career! I can’t give you any time at all. Don’t be upset!

You’ll be fine here. “Daddy said with a smile this time” Damn fool! You go your way.

I’m here …

The story of life is the waves of the sea


Even then the unemployed youth had a beautiful dream ..


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