Love story

The story of love is the naughtiness of love

The story of love is the naughtiness of love

> Here’s Mr. (Girl)

> Yes. (Boy)

> Why do you think so much ??? Do you talk to all the girls like this ???

> Hmm.

> What ?? So much courage ??? So where is my price for that girlfriend ???

> I bought gold or silver after checking the market

> When is the relationship status?

> Dimuna.

> Why ??? Girls will not give messages so ???

> Hmm.

> I have to pay.

> Don’t believe me Janu ???

> No, you know.

> Why why ???

> Why? You were writing a story, Kaur, you don’t have to believe like a blind person.

> What should I do if I give a shit later ???

> Give justice to the elder brothers.

> Where is the big brother Paila ??

> Those who see the relationship status will request me

> Maya is so clever ??

> When is the day now?

> After the beer.

> What do you mean after beer ??? Today is the day.

> Please try to understand me. I am tired now working like a worker in college all day.

> Are you male ??? Dimuna used to sleep at night after drinking beer.

> Biyai Karamna.

> Thirty-two teeth in one slap dimu ???

> Relationship status will be given in tomorrow. And where to take it on the first Baishakh ???

> Crows can’t lay eggs.

> Oh river. Very good.

> I was thinking of eating goats

> What’s so big ???

> Yes.

> I will take you to the river. I will wear anklets on your feet with your hands

> Who will pay?

> I have given all the money for that date. It is not you.

> Father’s money does not bite so much.


> Well Dimune.

>: *

> What’s next after beer ???

> It has a fixed deposit. I like to wear black sari. I will wear black sari and you will wear white shirt and blazer to match your chocolate color face.

> What can I say now that I am going to the Kazi office ???

> Nah nah. It is so easy to get married to a romantic person like you ??? The whole area will know whose wedding it is.

> Hap

> And good people will learn to wear lungi.

> What did my lungi do again ???

> Do not see anything with your eyes when you sleep at night.

> Hrami

> And after beer, I will go shopping with my family every month.

> Yaps. I will come back from the fish market. Ok ???

> I will come back from my father-in-law’s house to work.

> If my father’s money is so much, ask me to pay half.

> I will give it to you. The only daughter-in-law. I will give everything during beer.

> Kilai your father’s fist. Will you run away and get married ??? So I’m here or not. I want to be poor pola rich. But not with father-in-law’s money.

> I knew my grandfather was very good

> My fortune was bad and I was doing something bad in my previous life that I got Maya like you

>: ‘(

> I’m blessed to have you girl. The whole life will be by my side like this ?? Money is nothing. I will fight with the TV remote at night. And we will fight by rubbing each other’s foreheads.

> White I Love You So Much. I’m Nothing Without You. You are my world. : ‘(

> Crazy somewhere

> Hmm. I’m crazy. Your love has made me crazy. You know I’m learning to make tea. You don’t say you will start the day with tea in my hand after marriage ???

> No. With tea in my crazy hand.

> Hihihihihihihihihihihi. I think the tea is burning. Bye

> Kabi Albida Na Kehena .;)

> Come on.

> Come on

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The story of love is the naughtiness of love


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