Love story

The story of romantic love is the wheel of life

The story of romantic love is the wheel of life

– Will you marry me?
Hearing the words from Anika’s mouth, Uday ate Vyabachaka. Anika is his boss. He is the cooker of that company. Chef in fluent Bengali. Anika is the owner of that company. Uday breathed a sigh of relief. Because Anika’s daughter is very popular.

Maybe the first line of the story says.
– Why did you stop? Don’t tell the rest of the story?
Anika sits up in her chair ā€” I always love to read stories. A very bookish girl. Sometimes I call the doorman and talk to him. Someone gets better, someone says crazy. But Iā€™m not doing any stories today. I say from the heart.

Uday was in danger. Anika is not taking the test of his character again? Is he greedy or not? Somehow he replied: I am a little educated boy. I came from the village. As the eldest son, I have to look after the whole family. Dad is sick. That pays the money. With that, he somehow bought his father’s medicine and went to Tenetun. But I’m not a greedy boss.

The story of romantic love is the wheel of life

Anika said silently for a few moments: How beautifully you can talk. This matter of yours makes me very jealous. Besides, what you’re thinking is that I’m not really doing it. I know all about you. You are not greedy. I understood that long ago. I like you more because he is not greedy. Don’t think that I am saying the words directly, again the girl is less ashamed.

Uday was surprised to see Lubdhak in Anika’s eyes This time he is sure. Anika is really proposing marriage, but why? He is not so handsome to look at that he will forget everything just by looking. He replied: You have lost your mind while reading foreign stories

Anika smiled.

But not by words He said: I know I am not beautiful to look at. I can’t cook like every ordinary girl. I can’t read sari. Much more. These may be your dislike. But I like you. I also proposed marriage. The rest is up to you. I don’t like to force anyone, you know.
Uday came to the kitchen.

He could not go far to study due to family difficulties. Has worked in hotels since childhood. His cooking skills are good. The village has a reputation. He has joined the company as a cook. He gets a very good salary here from other places.
Do not lie all the time. But a big lie he told Anika’s company long ago. She is unmarried!
Just a lie!
He said that he would get a good job in Maine even after being married. The people of the company will not take married people in the position of this cooker. Married people are more backward. Does not work with the mind. Whispering with his wife all day.

Uday did not cheat at work.

Sayera 6
Name of Uday’s wife. A simple girl in the village. Uday married him after seven years of love. A few days ago, seven years have passed since the marriage. I have a son. Thinking of getting admitted in the first class.

I can’t sleep at night.

Didn’t he commit a big crime by calling himself unmarried here? She doesn’t understand. But this lie was very necessary for his family! Uday is not getting peace without talking to Saira today. As soon as she called, Saira grabbed her and said: Assalamu Alaikum. How are you

With the reply of Uday Salam: Not good. A story happened today.

Then Uday opened the whole thing and said. Hearing all this, Saira said very firmly: Come on. There will be no shortage of work. But I can’t imagine anyone else lying on your chest.

– Let’s see what can be done.

Uday fell into a low pain. He loves his wife very much. Saira probably loves more. They also have a child. Sick parents at home. All in all, the job is needed. Anika will be fired if she finds out about his married life. Anika can tolerate a thousand mistakes. But not a single lie.

Again, he is sure that he will not get such a well-paid job anywhere else. Anika’s phone rang when she thought about it. Anika got a call in the middle of the night and sat motionless. Anika had never called at night before.

Uday picked up the phone: Boss, are you so late at night?

– Yes. Didn’t bother you?

– That’s not right.

– I’ve been busy for a long time. Do you know who you were talking to?

– Dad called.

– Your voice is telling a lie. See I don’t want to sniff at your personal matter. But I need to know. You know why. What do you say?

– I’m sorry, boss. I do not say the same thing twice.

Anika said in a sweet voice from the side: If you don’t have a girlfriend, open the door. And if there is no need. I’m standing in front of your room!

Uday hurriedly got up and lit the lamps in the room. She lives in a corner of the office cooking room. She couldn’t imagine that Anika would come here like this. Anika opened the door and saw that the sari had fallen! Bangles in hand, Kajal in eyes, light lipstick on lips! All in all, it looks a little too beautiful. No one will want to look away once they look.

But Uday turned his eyes away. When I look at any Aparupa, I remember his Sierra. Anika broke the silence and said: Don’t tell me to go inside?

– Your office, your employees. Who am I to say?

Anika entered the room with a shy face and said: I will be with you today.

Uday was startled: Yes? You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh?

– Don’t be afraid. Not with you, in your room. You will spend a night in my room and me in your room. You have to accept my marriage proposal or not.

Uday has no desire to sleep in the AC room. But before thinking of going to bed with a woman other than Saira, he wants to die before Allah. Uday agreed. Anika smiled and said: You are not looking at me.

– Not so. You look so beautiful.

– I dressed up for someone for the first time. I read sari, I gave kajal.

Uday remained unheard. Anika raised her voice again ā€” you are upset The driver is waiting with the car outside.

Uday said goodbye and got in the car and sat down. The driver seems to respect him so much that he seems to have already become Anika’s husband. Uday is not being tolerated. Took care of himself. Not far from Anika’s house. The driver showed Anika’s dormitory.

Uday enters Anika’s bedroom and can’t breathe. Drawing pictures of Uday throughout the room. It is clear that someone has hidden it. Uday is written in big letters on the bed. Even in the cup of tea with the pillow! If Saira finds out about tonight, she will die in trouble. Not feeling well.

The story of romantic love is the wheel of life

Saira called again. Uday does not keep Saira awake. Saira doesn’t talk till late at night even if she wants to. But today Uday’s whim has to be talked about all night. Saira was also happy. The two have gone back thirteen years. Talked until dawn.

Anika returned home in the morning. Uday and office. The way Anika is getting addicted to Uday day by day is not a good sign. Anika is afraid to talk about Sierra face to face. Saira is also calling repeatedly. A week passed in such relief and discomfort.

Anika has been going to the hospital for a few days now. He can have a personal doctor if he wants, but he doesn’t. Today I heard a stupid message and came to the doctor’s face. There is no greater sorrow for a girl. When the doctor says: You can never be a mother!

Back home, she closed the room and cried for several hours. Parents are not alive to cry with their heads in their laps. They died in a road accident when they were eighteen. Anika was the only child of the parents. He took all the pictures of Uday from the wall. He threw away his pillow, cup of tea. He can no longer ask Uday for love. He can not think about what will come with so much money? Unless someone is hugging you by saying “Mommy Mommy”? Uday has decided to spend the holidays and actually apologize for everything.

Uday took leave in the morning.

Even though Anika has a holiday, Uday will never come back. Go home and apologize to Anika for lying on the phone. Didn’t tell Saira to come. Suddenly seeing Uday, the condition of Saira’s face became known. That’s why this scene of Uday is very dear.

It was almost midnight when I reached home. A key to the door lock is with Uday. That’s why I didn’t call Saira.

When he wakes up in the morning, he will see Saira on his chest. Saira will be shocked. Thinking that Saira would wake up, Uday slowly opened the door and went inside.

After entering the room, Uday lit the lamp when he heard the sound of moving the bed. He saw that the boy was asleep. And Saira is free to love with any man! Even after lighting the room lamp, they did not wake up! Uday could not bear this scene.

It was as if someone had stabbed him in the chest and taken out his heart. Sayera shouted loudly. The sick father in the next room woke up. The boy woke up. At the same time Saira and her bedmates.

Uday gives the companion a golden opportunity to escape. She did not even look up at him. There was no one else who could help him find a well-paying job. He has no shortage of money. Son of MP. The boy was very happy to see his father. Didn’t understand that much.

When the boy fell asleep again, Uday asked Saira in a sobbing soft voice, saying, “We will stay under the tree all our lives, but we will not be separated.” And I don’t know when you have separated from me. Why not? Didn’t you think about the boy once?

Saira says on her face – who will think of me? What can you give a year without a sari?

Uday is unresponsive.

I even dream that such a day will come in Uday’s life. He realizes that Saira and his seven-year-old girlfriend Saira or his seven-year-old wife Saira are missing. One goes out in clothes. Her boyfriend is standing there with his bike. Waking up in the morning, son Faraz is looking for his mother. Mom doesn’t have that. Left.

Uday did not hide Mother has made it clear to you that she has left us to live well. Since then, Faraz Nawa has stopped eating and has been sitting quietly. My father’s illness has increased a little or a lot. It has grown so much that Saira died within three days of leaving!

Inside, Uday’s phone was off for a week.

He couldn’t pick up Anika’s phone because of that.

Today, Uday left for Anika again with his son. If necessary, he will fall at Anika’s feet and apologize. Will leave the job. He will stay in the village with the boy.

Uday and his son in front of Anika. Anika is taking good care of Uday’s son. There is a sesame on the left side of the nose, and Anikar and similar sesame there! Although he wanted to call the boy, he did not call. His state of mind is his death bed.

Anika apologized for opening everything to Uday even though she was in trouble. How can Anika say that the boy standing next to her is her child? Uday did not say. Thought he would leave. Anika said at the end: Who is the little one? Romantic Story Wheel of Life – Love Story

– Nephew.

On hearing this, Faraz wept and said: Am I your nephew? Will you leave me like mom? Aren’t you here to sell me? Do I eat so much?

Anika immediately stood up and said normally: Your son? Just like you. Gives stern answers.

Uday is surprised by Anika’s normal behavior. Anika doesn’t care if Uday is married or unmarried It’s good to see Uday’s son. I will never forget the tilt on the left side of the nose. Uday didn’t leave, nor did Anika get fired for lying.

Of course, I did, just for the boy. After all, Anika is not a daughter who tolerates lies. Hundreds whatever. Uday has taken a small house next to the office. Father and son live well. Faraj has been admitted to a school. Anika visits Rose once in a while. Don’t let Uday know.

He doesn’t even say to persuade Faraz. Uday was listening to the story of the tiger. He is not sleeping. Suddenly he said: Well, father, mother, is the call too bad? Does anyone get in trouble when they call their mother? I called your office aunty today and why did she cry equally?

Uday was surprised and asked: When?

– When again, at noon. Every day he brings it to me in a tiffin. You send it. It also forbids you to speak again. But today she cried a lot. I’m not feeling well. Don’t call, I’m sorry.

Uday was embarrassed again. I was almost forced to call. Otherwise not sleeping. As soon as Anika picked up the phone, Faraz said: Sorry Aunty. I made you cry today.

Uday can hear the sound of Anika’s silent crying. He replied: Rose will cry like this, mother?

– All right.

That’s how they have to talk. How much the little boy can talk. Uday wonders who gave birth and who became a mother!

In this way, Anika has taken Faraz a little. The boy does not want to come to her. One moonlit night he called Anika and said: The moon of the earth is in the sky. And my moon is with you. I can’t sleep without him.

– Take it. Am I stuck?

– No, but you can hold me if you want.

– I don’t have that much courage.

The story of romantic love is the wheel of life

Anika just hung up the phone happily. On the ninth date, they are married. Goes to the village home for honeymoon. Now Uday is not in the office but in the house cooker. He does not live in the in-laws’ house.

He lives in that small house. Anika also has no objection to being there. People say something. Anika doesn’t listen.

A few years later.

Surya Mama has not peaked yet.

Anika called Uday and said: Well, what is your blood type?

– He’s positive.

– Then get up quickly. One has to give blood. If he doesn’t pay at the right time, he will die. Her unborn child will also die.

– Yours is positive. You take Faraz. Absolutely come to school. I’m getting sleepy too.

– Just sleep and sleep. This sleep is my number one Satin. Tell me when will you leave this satin?

– I’ll leave tomorrow. Go today.

– I think so.

Uday says one thing every day. Anika also likes to talk about this with Uday.

The story of romantic love is the wheel of life

Anika went to give blood to Faraz. After sleeping for two more hours, Uday woke up. I forgot to leave Faraz’s school bag in a hurry. Anika’s phone to pick up the phone to give the phone: Maharaj has woken up? Then let Faraz’s bag come to school. I’m going to the office.

– Well, then what if you give blood?

– Hmm. But you know what a thing? How the woman was looking at Farage!

– Women? What do you say? Why look at Faraz? Well, what is his name?

– Saira Akhter. Her husband is also a mule. Once he does not come to see what! Do you know what feels the worst? I gave blood to someone for the first time in my life and he didn’t live an hour after that! Died with the baby!

Uday was silent for a while. Then he said: Is it in Digilab hospital? What number Kevin?

– That, why? Well, I don’t have time. Talk to you later. You go through Farage’s bag quickly.

– Well, Lakshmi.

– Mood, keep it up.

Uday hurried to the hospital with a bag. Number 6 went to Kevin and saw. This Saira Akhtar is no one else. His ex-girlfriend, wife, and son’s mother!

Seeing Saira, he came out of Uday’s mouth without knowing it – bad luck, your Saira. If you can’t live with the blood of such a good girl. God bless you forever.

The story of romantic love is the wheel of life


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