New technology

The technology gives fake tests

The technology gives fake tests

Several students taking part in entrance exams at a Thai university have been expelled for allegedly cheating with new technology. Some students were taking exams by sending question papers outside the examination hall with the help of cameras installed in smart glasses and collecting answers to the questions sent from outside with the help of smartwatches. Rangsit University is considering canceling the entire exam and giving a new one after some people are caught. The technology gives fake tests

An official of the institution shared the pictures of the devices recovered from the students during the admission test of the medical school held on May 6 and 7 on their Facebook page. In addition, three students have been blacklisted.

The students completed the three-hour exam in just 45 minutes, Rangeshit’s deputy director Naris Panteratorn told a Thai TV channel. Taking part in the admission test for the medical department, they took pictures of the questions on a special camera fitted with spectacles and sent them out. An outside team solved that question and sent the answer to the smartwatch.

In the test, they were giving correct answers to all the questions as well as providing it to everyone who is willing to be admitted to medical.


The technology gives fake tests


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