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Even then the unemployed youth had a beautiful dream

unemployed youth had a beautiful dream

On Thursday, a group of young people gathered at the railway station, the bus terminal in Bangladesh. Their goal is to cover; Because even if a sweeper is hired in this country, his recruitment test is from Dhaka. They will give someone a prelude; Someone returns; Someone viva. unemployed youth dream

Someone’s first, someone’s fiftieth; The last test of someone’s age. Mother calls- ‘Dad, it’s been two years since you passed, do something. It is no longer possible for your father. Mother, I am blessing you. This time you will have a job ‘. Dad calls- ‘Dad is not for us; Get a job for yourself.

Do you know how old you are? ‘ The promised phone rang – ‘Be a BCS cadre. I don’t want to be a banker.
Please get a small job. The big job will be seen later. ‘

The young man has been memorizing Honors First Year for just one job – Current News, Current World All Numbers; Job’s all guides.

He has memorized the capitals, currencies, size, population, and names of statesmen of 215 countries of the world. How many pillars of Jamuna bridge?
Who wrote which line of Charyapada?
What is in a district?

Where in the world is a river, a city, a canal, a dam? .. …. … Everything is memorized by him. The young man traveled all night with a beautiful dream and reached Dhaka.

Test in the morning. He went down to Dhaka, washed his hands and face, swallowed 2 parats, and ran to the exam hall. The test goes well; After leaving the hall in stages – mother, father, sweetheart, friends phone

When he got on the bus, his question paper was leaked. The mind is broken. Most of the youngsters give viva again and again, but the job does not match.

Passed from Physics and got a job in Krishi Bank; Lifelong chemistry may have entered the police department; He has to study zoology and botany to get a job in marketing!

Someone is completely unemployed; Someone is half unemployed; Someone somehow falls down to run.

Even after 42 years of independence, there is no job security for our youth. The state is digital; GDP leads; The size of the budget increases; Hundreds of multinational companies entered the country; Only development agreements are; The meeting is;

Seminars-symposiums are held in droves …… not only do recruitment notifications increase, but employment also does not increase.

Unemployment continues to grow; Thousands of contestants overflowed against 1 post. Even then the youths rush to Dhaka every Thursday with a beautiful dream; His dream will come true on any one Friday.

He would call his mother and say, ‘Murray, I have a job.’ Just go shopping, read magazines and watch TV ‘.

Tell your sweetheart- ‘I will stand in front of your father next month, let’s see who stops’ !!

unemployed youth had a beautiful dream, beautiful dream

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