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The world of science-ghostly words in space!

The world of science-ghostly words in space!

No sound can be heard in space. So it is not possible to exchange words of mouth with each other. The word is the medium needed to move from one place to another. It is through this medium that sound moves. The structure of the human ear is such that sound waves coming through any medium enter the brain and create sensations in the brain. Since there is no carrier of sound in space, people have to communicate with gestures. No sound can be made there. And there is no reason for words to come from there. ghostly words in space

But NASA scientists have found some strange words in space. A total of nine words they were able to catch with the instrument. They refer to the words as ‘ga Chham Chham kara’. They say the words are so strange that anyone who hears them will feel a different kind of fear.

Research is underway on what the words are. But it has not been possible to edge it yet. Some people call these words ‘aliens’ or alien creatures. But even that was not acceptable as there was no conclusive evidence. The words that NASA scientists have received come from multiple planets in the solar system.

They say there is a need for more research on the origin of the words.



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