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The world of science- Mars is more ‘uninhabitable’ than imagined

By 2030, people are dreaming of crossing the alien planet to Mars and sitting there. And there is no end to the efforts, preparation, and research of scientists. Mars is more ‘uninhabitable’ than imagined

However, the results of a recent study will disappoint everyone about going to the ‘red planet’. According to a study by the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Mars is more unnecessary than we think.

The study, published on Thursday, found. Scientists have found that life on Mars has been hit hard, especially on Earth. The presence of saline minerals on the red planet is destroying the bacteria. The survey said.

A study from the University of Edinburgh found.

That a substance called perchlorates destroys bacteria called Bacillus subtilis. And these bacteria are one of the main life forms of life.

‘Perchlorates’ are stable at room temperature.
However, at high temperatures, it goes animate. Mars Mars.

Another new study shows Jennifer Wadsworth and Charles Cockel.
That this element of Mars can move without ultraviolet rays or temperature. And this is happening in contrast to the surface features of Mars.

The research team said the ingredients could destroy bacteria instantly. And this situation has changed the earlier notion of ‘habitable Mars’.

Wadsworth told AFP: “If we want to find out the existence of life on Mars.
However, we need to consider its underground terrain, which does not match the surface environment. ”

Perchlorates are found on Earth in both natural and man-made forms. However, its presence on Mars is very high. These were first discovered in 2006 by NASA’s Phoenix Lander.

Wadsworth said that although perchlorates destroy bacteria due to ultraviolet rays.
This does not prove that other organisms do not exist for the same reason. More research is needed to confirm this.

In 2015, scientists found evidence of the presence of ‘perchlorates’ in the liquid water of Mars.

New research has shown that while the presence of minerals in Martian water is common, the presence of paclitaxel cells can cause damage.

Not only this, with the help of good research you can do great things. The biological material that was spread on Mars through robotic research, including Bacillus subtilis bacteria, is capable of surviving for a long time.

The existence of life on Mars was once abundant in liquid water, it still exists today. Ice is also present on the coast of Mars.

Mars is more ‘uninhabitable’ than imagined



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