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The world of science-unraveling the mystery of daylight in the night sky

The world of science-unraveling the mystery of daylight in the night sky

Bright Nights refers to the night sky becoming brighter. This light is not the light of the moon, but on these nights it is possible to read books effortlessly sitting under the open sky.

Where does daylight come from in the night sky? Scientists have not been able to solve that puzzle for centuries. Scientists have long since uncovered this mystery.

A new study has found that the bright environment of the night is not created overnight, it is a slow process. The scattering of this light is created by a kind of reaction of high-level waves in the air. Two researchers at York University in Canada have found a link between the data collected in atmospheric waves and many other data centered on the scattering of this light in the night sky.

You may not yet understand, what light we are talking about or what night we are talking about. This light is not a flashing light or lightning, but a mysterious light created in the darkness of night like the light of day.

unraveling the mystery of daylight in the night sky

Bright nights or luminaries are not commonly seen tonight. Due to air pollution, the scattering of such light in the night sky has decreased nowadays.

The philosopher Pliny the Elder mentioned such a bright night in the first century, and other subsequent events science magazines and newspapers have been reporting on it for years.

Gordon Shepherd, the lead researcher on the new study, said the historical data on the Bright Knight is so clear and consistent that it is easy to guess about the century-old Bright Knight. Although Bright Night is not always seen, this bright night is still to be found.

From the evidence obtained from satellites, scientists have come to the conclusion that the movement and reaction of air in the air layer produce such light rays in different parts of the sky, and that there is a special link between oxygen molecules and sunlight.

Shepherd and his colleague Yingmin have researched a way to make predictions about the cause and timing of the Bright Night, such as the occasional flash of light in the night sky. According to satellite data, Bright Night is ten percent brighter than other night lights.

Jrgen Shir, of Argentina’s Astronomy and Space of Physics, said: “It’s very clear that this kind of luminous sky can actually be seen, but the answer to why this extraordinary brightness is created is also simple. Match. We all understand very well that this kind of brilliance is not created by chance, it is caused by some natural strategic reason. ‘

unraveling the mystery of daylight in the night sky

Based on the data collected by the researchers, proper observation shows that once a year, this bright night is found in one place. Usually, it is easy to find Bright Night only when there is a moonless night in a black cushion, which means it will be easy to understand the specialty of Bright Night on such a night.

Scientists estimate that 7 out of every 100 days, a bright night occurs somewhere in the world.

According to a group of astronomers, the effects of the Bright Night are hampering their observation of distant space.

This research may not change your life, but if you think about civilization, this bright light at night has a special value. “Maybe that’s the last thing about Bright Knight, I’m going to die, but Bright Knight isn’t dead,” Shepherd said.



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