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There is no need for doors and windows in that village!

There is no need for doors and windows in that village!

Shani Singnapur is a small village in Maharashtra, western India. The population of the village is about five thousand. However, the surprising thing is that there is no door in any house or house in this village. Even if all the members of the family go for a walk, the house is open. Because there are no thieves in this village. And this village is guarded by the god Shani himself.

According to the villagers, a piece of stone and another piece of iron were floating in the small river flowing by the village about three hundred years ago. The village shepherds saw it and dragged it away with sticks. Then the river began to flow with blood. During the night, the piece of stone was transformed into an idol of the god Saturn.

In the morning, the villagers saw the idol with a garland around its neck in the open courtyard of the village. Later, the god Shani told a devotee that there was no need to install doors in the villagers’ houses. He will save them. Since then, the villagers have been following this instruction of the gods.

Balasaheb Bardi, a resident of the village, said that the power of the god Saturn is such that after someone steals and walks all night, he will think that he has left the village. But in the morning you will see that he is still where he was at night.

The idea that thieves will not come is so strong in this village that the doors of the branch of the state-controlled UCO Bank in the village are also open. All the money deposited in the bank is kept in a vault. The door to the glass-enclosed office is also kept open. The door is kept closed at night to prevent dogs from entering.

“We don’t have any problem,” said Nagendra Sherawat, a bank official. A Hindu film was made in the village in the 1990s. From then on, the name of the village spread all over India. The whole world knows that there is a village called Shani Singnapur where there is no door in the house, there are trees but no shade, there is a god but there is no temple, said Siyaram Banker, a trustee of the temple. Fans from all over India come to see this miraculous village.


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