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Do you know this information about the President of Croatia?

Do you know this information about the President of Croatia?

President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovich. Why don’t the paparazzi leave him? He does not stop quarreling with President Trump! Do you know this information about the President of Croatia?

The world of mesmerizing sports in the football skills of Rakitic, Manjukic. At that time, the net world was engrossed in the liveliness of the beautiful president of the Croats. Security is on the rise when many heads of state around the world are surrounded.

Then he does not call for presidential protocol. Sometimes he enters the players’ dressing room to celebrate, sometimes he gets up in the economy class of the plane.

He married Kolinda in 1996. Now she is the mother of two children. His eldest daughter Katarina is a professional skater. He is also the junior champion of Croatia at the national level.

He is the youngest president of Croatia. Age 50 years. He was sworn in as Croatia’s fourth president in 2015. Before that, he was in an important position in NATO.

He has held various diplomatic posts in his career of almost two decades and has learned many languages ​​for the convenience of work. He can speak a total of 8 languages.

Every year, for one reason or another, Kolinda Kitarovic comes to the fore in the media. During the U.S. president’s visit to Poland last year, he and Trump were framed together more than once. There is also a good deal of practice in the media about the President of Croatia. Kolinda, however, has remained silent about this as always.

A picture of her wearing a bikini a couple of years ago went viral on the internet. The image was promoted as his. However, later it was seen that the picture was not his. The crowd was mistaken for a picture of an American model named Coco Austin.

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