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This woman cut off her husband’s two ears!

This woman cut off her husband’s two ears!

The older wife was accused of cutting off her husband’s ears by holding a gun to his chest. The incident sparked riots in Narkeldanga, central Kolkata, India on Tuesday night. The accused wife Mumtaz Bibi is absconding. A young man named Mohammad Tanvir is undergoing treatment for serious injuries.

Tanvir is a 20-year-old resident of North Road, Coconut Land. Mumtaz, 20 years older than him, married Bibi 2 years ago. Allegedly, Mumtaz started torturing Tanvir after her marriage. Tanvir also ran away from home several times due to torture. But each time Mumtaz and his companions brought him back home.

Tanvir’s mother said that she had repeatedly requested Mumtaz to release her son. Mumtaz even sells a house in exchange for Tanvir’s release. He also took the whole money from the sale of that house. But even then Mumtaz did not leave Tanvir. From then on, Tanvir was forced to stay at his house with Mumtaz.

Allegedly, Mumtaz did not allow Tanvir to visit his family. Tanvir said he fled to Mallikpur on Tuesday. From there Mumtaz grabbed him and brought him home. Allegedly, Mumtaz and his sisters then beat Tanvir severely. Finally, in the early hours of the morning, 40-year-old Mumtaz Bibi cut off her husband Tanvir’s ears by holding a gun to his chest.

Tanvir somehow managed to escape from there. After that, the locals rescued Tanvir in a bloody condition and took him to Nilratan Sarkar Medical College.

Tanvir said he was hanged by a friend of his grandfather. That is why he was forced to marry 20-year-old Mumtaz Bibi. Meanwhile, the victim’s family has also accused the police of Narkeldanga police station of inaction in the incident. Allegedly, the police did not want to take any FIR in this incident at first. Although later accused, the accused are still returning.


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