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Tioman Island is a water forest and white beach paradise

Tioman Island is a water forest and white beach paradise

There are very few islands in Southeast Asia that seem to be a paradise. One of them is the island of Tioman. The island of Tioman is located in the South China Sea on the east coast of the Malaysian Peninsula. There are no big buildings. A few cars move. There are not many roads. There is no chair to relax on the beach. Here you can enjoy the unadulterated form of nature. Here are some descriptions of this heavenly land.

1. The secluded beach of white sand

The beaches of Tioman are open to all people. You can sit here all day and enjoy the local music while drinking fruit juice. There is a ‘Sunset Corner’ at the end of Air Batang Beach on the west coast. This is probably the right place for you. Happy when you can swim. However, the island’s banas are quite thieves. If food or clothes are left here and there, they will be taken away in an instant.

2. Friendly locals

Friendly locals
Tioman Island is a water forest and white beach paradise

The people of this island are very friendly.
Everyone will feel safe and close to you. Every year many tourists visit there. But they have no problem with anyone. They accept tourists as guests. Rather get them to solve any of your problems.

3. Fascinating sunset

Fascinating sunset

Nine out of ten days you can enjoy the wonderful sunset here. Gold-strewn sunset on the west coast of the beach. The whole sun is sinking straight into the South China Sea. A strange sight. It is not possible to explain the color of the sky.

4. Rich aquatic world

Rich aquatic world
Tioman Island is a water forest and white beach paradise

The bottom of the water will give you an indescribable fascination. Crystal clear water is the main attraction here. A great variety of fish, turtles, and other animals will give you an unprecedented experience. Even whale sharks can be seen here at a special time of the year. Tioman is a paradise for animal diversity. There are also opportunities for surfing.

5. Cheap beach bungalow

The cost of living is absolutely at hand. You can rent an entire bungalow at a much lower price. Somewhere near the beach again. There are also luxury bungalows. As you want in the cost, it will match here. Apart from the restaurants spread on the beach, what is not the Bar-B-Q festival at night here? Sit on the balcony and enjoy the sea in Tioma.

6. Jungle wild track

Jungle wild track

There is also an opportunity to conduct expeditions in the deep forest. So the explorers come here as soon as they get a chance. The forest is rich. You can climb the hill along the forest path. Barefoot or wearing shoes, go on the campaign effortlessly. There is animal diversity.


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