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Turn PC on and off faster For Windows

Turn PC on and off faster For Windows

Many times using more software than capacity can take longer to turn on and off the computer. It is possible to reduce the on and off time by changing some small settings. In the case of the Windows XP operating system, go to the Run from Start menu and type MSConfig, and press Enter. Uncheck unnecessary startup programs or items from the Startup tab. Turn PC on and off faster! For Windows

Items in this list load as soon as the computer is turned on. Unnecessary programs load and take time to start the computer. So those that are not needed, remove the tick mark on the right side and come out by OK and Apply.

Turn PC on and off faster! For Windows

If you want to restart or restart the computer, select Exit Without Restart and avoid it. Now open Notepad del c: / windows / prefetch / ntosboot *. * (*. * Will delete all related files) Enter the code and save it to the desktop named ntosboot.bat by pressing Save As from the file. Now copy the ntosboot.bat file from the desktop and paste it into C: / drive.

Go to Run from Start and type gpedit.msc and press Enter. From Computer Configuration, click on Windows Settings, open it again by clicking on Scripts (Startup / Shutdown). Double click on Shutdown on the right side, open it, click on Add, go to C: / drive from Browse, show the ntosboot.bat file, press OK, click on Apply and come out again by pressing OK. Now go running and type devmgmt.msc and press Enter. Open the Primary IDE Channel by double-clicking on the IDE ATA / ATAPI controllers here. From Advanced Settings, select None in Device Type of Device 1 and exit by pressing OK.

After that, open it by double-clicking on the Secondary IDE channel, set it to None in Device Type 1 of Device 1 from Advanced Settings in the same manner and press OK.

You have to restart the computer after doing all the work carefully. From now on, it will take much less time than before to turn the computer on and off every time.

Turn PC on and off faster For Windows



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