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US space agency has found 20 new habitable planets

US space agency has found 20 new habitable planets

NASA has discovered 20 such planets in space. Which can make people livable. In addition, NASA’s Kepler Telescope. It brings to light information that scientists will observe. Life exists in the outside world. Data from NASA’s Kepler telescope can shed light on this theory as well.

These planets include an exoplanet called KOI-7923.0. Which is the size of the earth, but a much colder one.

This Earth-sized planet is slightly colder. This is because the planet is a little farther away from the star it is orbiting. However, scientists think it is livable.

Scientists want to continue research on these planets before they are absolutely sure. They are also thinking of sending spacecraft to do research. NASA scientists want to thoroughly test the information sent from the Kepler spacecraft.

Earlier this year, the Kepler spacecraft searched for 219 exoplanets. Scientists say at least 10 of them are habitable like Earth. This time, NASA spacecraft went one step further and found a total of 20 such planets. US space agency has found 20 new habitable planets


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