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Useful Tips for Android Smartphones

Useful Tips for Android Smartphones

Smartphones are now in the hands of many due to the advancement and availability of technology. The most used smartphone in Bangladesh is the Android operating system. Android smartphones are so easy to use. However, if you adopt some strategies, you can use the smartphone more easily. and Useful Tips for Android Smartphones

Install Google: You can install Google on your Android smartphone to download numerous Google apps and use Google Maps.

Launcher and Lock Screen: You can download different types of lock screens and launchers from Google App Store to make your mobile screen look attractive.

Power save mode: Go to the settings menu of the smartphone then turn on the power-saving mode. Moreover, some phones also have Ultra Power Saving mode. If it is turned on, the battery of your smartphone will be charged for a long time.

Keep extra battery: Having a lot of apps on the smartphone drains the battery quickly. So it would be wise to keep an extra battery with you in case of an emergency or when traveling.

Google Chrome: By signing in to Google Chrome you can easily bookmark your favorite sites. It will also be easy to use.

Keep apps folder: You can keep different types of apps folders by dividing them into categories. This will allow you to use the necessary apps very quickly.

Keyboard: There are different types of keyboards available in the Google Play Store including Bengali and English. You can take it down as per your choice.

Internet Data: Turn on the ‘Reduce Data Uses’ option in Google Chrome. Then unnecessary internet data will not be consumed.

Google Authenticator: Using Google Authenticator will ensure security in two steps. If you want to use Gmail, you need to enter a code provided by the app, then enter the password. No one will be able to access your account from any other computer even if they want to.

Useful Tips for Android Smartphones


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