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How Virtual Ram works and its advantages and disadvantages

How Virtual Ram works and its advantages and disadvantages

Almost all of us are familiar with the word Ram. Nowadays the word virtual Ram is getting much more viral. Many people call the virtual Ram system new, but it is not a new technology.

Before you had to use Virtual Ram, you had to root your smartphone. Mobile companies used to block this permission on older mobiles, so in order to use this system, the phone must be rooted. But now the mobile companies have given this permission to many mobiles by default.

So let’s find out about Virtual Ram.

What is Virtual Ram?

Virtual Ram is any part of the device that uses the device from the hard disk to meet the RAM requirement of your device after the limit of RAM of your device (eg: mobile, computer, etc.) has been exceeded.

How Virtual Ram Works:

There is a limit to the amount of RAM that can be installed on a mobile or computer. When you keep a lot of apps open on your mobile or computer at the same time, your Ram often exceeds its limit. Which is often not understood. Then the virtual Ram is needed.

When the physical RAM of your mobile or computer exceeds its limit, your device uses some part of your hard disk as RAM according to its own needs.

Advantages of Virtual Ram:

1. Your computer or mobile will work a little faster than before.
2. You can play games or run software faster than before.
3. Computer or mobile will not hang.
4. The computer will be on or off faster than before.
5. However, using SSD as opposed to a hard disk, the speed of the computer will increase even more.
Disadvantages of Virtual Ram:
1. Since Virtual Ram will use some space on your hard disk, you will not be able to use that space on the hard disk.
2. There is no way to see by default how much Ram you have increased even if Ram has increased. However, this feature is being added to the latest mobile and computers.
3. You won’t get speed in virtual Ram like your physical Ram. So you will get a performance like physical Ram.

There are good and bad sides to everything, so stop using that thing, it would be foolish.

If your device has Virtual Ram by default, you can use it. This will help make your device a little faster.

I hope you like today’s post. Virtual Ram

Everyone will be fine, stay healthy.


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