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The future of web development and a career in freelancing

The future of web development and a career in freelancing

My writing today is for those who are looking for a way to outsourcing/freelancing with great ambition. What I want to say today is that prepare yourself for the job before looking for a job.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that you are going to be in a big competition where your competitors will be many more people from all over the world.

There are many types of jobs available in freelancing or outsourcing, but most are related to web development. First, you have to decide what you want to do then learn it well and finally come to outsourcing.

Web development

There are basically two divisions here

Learn web design such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
Learn development and programming well

Web design

For this, you need to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in general (especially any framework such as JQuery). Photoshop should have a rough idea. As much as it takes to do XHTML from PSD. Web design is the first door to enter the world of web development and programming. You can’t be a good programmer without a good designer. If you don’t have a career in programming, the demand for web design is not less.

Web development or programming

Here you will learn to programing. This is the main thing in development. Basically web programming such as ASP.NET, PHP, Java, or any other language. However, PHP currently has the most work. There are a lot of things to learn along with learning programming in web development. Otherwise, you will not be able to rise higher.

web development and a career in freelancing



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