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What causes smartphones to overheat, what to do then?

What causes smartphones to overheat, what to do then?

Some people say that talking too much makes the phone hot. Some say that the more games you play, the hotter it gets. Someone says, if you use more net. But smartphones are for talking, playing games or using the net. The causes smartphones to overheat

Any electronic device is hot. Everything from cars to computers. Smartphones also get hot for normal reasons. But not all smartphones are equally hot. Some less, some more.

Processor: Processor is the first reason why smartphones get hotter. That is the main part of the phone. Whether you use the phone or not, the processor is always on. He continues to work. Sometimes more and sometimes less.

Inside the processor are many tiny electrons. Electrons generate more heat when downloaded continuously than talking or listening to music. The phone is hot. The processor sticks to the body of the phone. The result is feeling hot.

Battery: Smartphones are getting thinner day by day but the battery technology has not improved that much. Weak batteries generate more heat. The battery overheats the phone while charging or discharging.

Weak network: If you live in a place where the network is very weak. The signal is coming, going. Or the phone is getting too fast to get the WiFi signal, but in that case the charge of the smartphone is more expensive. Your phone uses too much power to receive signals on weak networks. The processor is under pressure. Smartphones are overly hot.

How hot it is normal: To work under normal conditions, the smartphone can be heated up to 35-48 degrees Celsius. Your phone is hotter because it is less expensive, but it is not. From Nokia to Apple, all phones are hot. However, even in standby mode, if the phone is hot up to 35-48 degrees Celsius, you will understand that there is a problem.

Remember that the processor is damaged when the smartphone is overheated. Performance decreases. The processor is designed in such a way that it reduces work by itself to cool down when it is overheated. Repeated damage to the processor.

What is the way to get rid of it? : You can’t use more smartphones or play more games, but not at all. Instead, make sure that the phone has all the time charges. Especially when downloading.

Second, do not open more than one app or program at a time. Update the software regularly. Turn off apps that take up too much space in the background. Keep RAM and cache clean.

Delete unnecessary messages. Turn off the animation. Turn off Wi-Fi unnecessarily.

Take a smartphone cover that can absorb the heat of the phone. The outside heat should not overheat the phone. Keep the phone away from the sun as much as possible.


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