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What is the gem of the snake’s head?

What is the gem of the snake’s head?

We all know that the head of a snake is a shiny stone. We have no shortage of different ideas about this gem. Some people think that a gem has a lot of value, while others think that this gem is full of supernatural qualities. But what is it? Honestly, does the snake have a gem at all?

The gem of a snake’s head reminds me of a fairy tale I read as a child. The glittering gems of snakes and snakeheads across the screen of memory. The light is coming out from there. But Sukumar Roy wrote in his ‘Hayabaral’: ‘As people get older, they become so stubborn that they don’t want to believe anything.’

As we get older, it becomes clear to any conscious person. There can be no gem on the head of a snake. If there was, it would be seen in the heads of some of the snakes that were sometimes encountered at the zoo or around the house. Even if he didn’t see it himself, someone else would see it. After that, it is understood that the whole matter is just a myth. But then what is the name of the snake gem?

According to various sources, this gem is actually a solid form of snake venom. Snake venom is made in a gland. From there the venom is released and accumulates in the snake’s teeth. Sometimes when the poison cannot be excreted, the poison accumulates into solid crystals. That is the gem of the snake to the people!

This frozen poison is not a very difficult one. Its color is black. From this, there is no question of anything like the scattering of light, etc. The whole myth. Just intense imagination. Also, many hypocrites bring another stone to the snake’s head through the snake’s shell and show it like a snake’s gem.

Even today, ordinary people are deceived by such deceptive tactics. Attempts were made to bring fake gems and run them as precious nagamani. In fact, many mysterious lies have been created around mysterious reptiles like snakes since ancient times. Nagmani is perhaps the most surprising and mysterious lie in her.

gem of the snake’s head


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