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What should be your ideal weight according to height?

What should be your ideal weight according to height?

In the standard weight determination method, a person’s weight is measured in kilograms and height is measured in meters. This time the weight is divided by the square of the height. This quotient is called BMI. If the BMI is between 18 and 24 then it is normal. Between 25 and 30 healthy or slightly fat, between 30 and 35 more fat. And if it is above 35, it can be said to be extremely and sickly obese.

Being overweight or underweight is not desirable. Many of us are short but fat, and many of us are very tall but like sepia of palm leaves. This condition means that their weight is not right according to the height. To find out if you are overweight or underweight, find out how much you weigh according to your height.

Height – Male (kg) – Female (kg)

4’7 “—— 39-49 —– 36-48

4’8 “41-50 —– 36-48

4’9 “—— 42-52 —– 39–50

4’10 ”—— 44-54 —– 41–52

4’11 “—— 45-56 —– 42-53

5 ft —— 46-58 —– 43-55

5’1 “—— 46-80 —– 45-56

5’2 ”—— 50-62 —– 48-59

5’3 “—— 51-64 —– 48-61

5’4 “—— 53-6 —– 49-63

5’5 “—— 55-6 —– 51-65

5’7 “—— 57-60 —– 53-6

5’7 ”—— 56-72 —– 54-69

5’7 “60-64 —–56-61

5’9 “—— 72-7 —–56-61

5’10 “—— 84-89 —– 59-65

5’11 “65-71 —– 71-7

৬ ft —— 7-83 —– 83-80

৬’1 ”69-7 —– 65-62

৬’2 ”—— 61-7 —– 7-84

If the body is extra sick, it will look bad, and there will be rapid wrinkles on the face. Extremely sick people suffer from malnutrition. As a result, there is a strong possibility of various diseases due to nutrition, such as anemia or anemia, physical weakness, various skin diseases, etc. Malnutrition can lead to hair loss, tooth decay, and bone loss.

Again, due to the accumulation of excess fat in the body, people become fat or belly. When fat cells or fat cells increase in size then body fat accumulates. There are more fat cells in the abdomen, buttocks, and waist. Overeating causes body fat to accumulate, again the amount being eaten or the amount of calories the body is getting.

That amount of loss or calorie consumption is not the reason for the accumulation of fat in the body. After hearing or knowing these, many may say that you are overweight even after consuming the right amount of food. Their allegations are correct. People can also be obese due to hereditary reasons.

Weight gain can also be caused by alcohol, excessive sleep, stress, steroids, and various other medications. Many problems with excess weight or belly. Being overweight can lead to any type of heart disease.

In addition, the accumulation of fat in the blood vessels causes various problems. Excess weight also causes blood pressure. Type 2 diabetes can occur due to fat gain. Obese people are 5 percent more likely to develop uterine, prostate, and colon cancer.

Weight gain is accompanied by difficulty walking. Knee joints, cartilage, ligaments are eroded. It also increases the risk of arthritis, gout, and gout. Excess fat also increases the risk of gallstones.

All in all, being overweight or underweight is the opposite of well-being. Determine your ideal weight, and try to bring the weight to the ideal position according to your condition. Just being beautiful doesn’t mean being good, living a healthy life is really good.


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