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What to do if it takes a long time to turn on the Computer

What to do if it takes a long time to turn on the computer

If the computer takes a long time to turn on, it can be assumed that many more programs have started automatically or have been activated as ‘startup items’. This is very common. Gradually installing various software using the computer, these are included in the startup list. As a result, when the computer is turned on, naturally those programs start running at the same time. As a result, it takes a lot of time to turn on the computer and be fully fit for work.

The matter is therefore a little annoying. In these cases, it is possible to reduce the time to start the computer by following certain things. Many people are currently facing this problem. However, stopping the installation of new software on the computer is not a solution as it will slow down the computer. Not at all, but to ensure that this software can not run all the time without the need. This will greatly increase the performance of the computer.

Which programs can be on the automatic list?

Some programs on the computer are automatic. These include antivirus programs, firewalls or security apps, Bengali writing software, system or battery monitoring programs, messaging software (such as Skype), cloud-based apps (such as Dropbox, OneDrive), etc. How to stop these? Start Windows by pressing Windows Key + R, type MSConfig and click OK.

Select the Startup tab at the top when the System Configuration window opens. Here you will find a list of programs that start automatically as soon as the computer is turned on. Tick ​​off unneeded programs from the list of startup items.

How to understand which is unnecessary?

You can keep the antivirus program, graphics, or any other necessary software that you need as soon as the computer is turned on, leave out the rest. After doing OK, you will get a message to turn off the computer and restart. Restart the computer. In this way, you can reduce the start-up time of the computer by reducing the startup items from the system.

However, it is best to enter the properties of the software after installing it and turn off the option to start it automatically when the computer starts. For example, if Skype is installed, uncheck the Options from the Tools menu, then the Start Skype When I Start Windows option. Thus, if certain automated options are removed from the programs, they will not be added to the startup item again at a later time.

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