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What to do if waterfalls on the computer?

What to do if waterfalls on the computer?

The relationship of water with electronics is negative. It is different if it is waterproof, but when it comes in contact with any liquid, the equipment breaks down like a naughty boy. waterfalls on the computer
Either become unusable or do not work properly. However, if quick action is taken, it may be possible to save Sadh’s computer on this journey.
As I was doing some work on the laptop computer, a glass of water fell on it in a hurry. What to do now?
l First check if your hands and computer’s power button is dry. Use a dry towel if needed. Of course, if you have a hobby of electric shock is different!
l Turn off the computer. Click on the Start menu and select Shut Down? In case of an emergency, press and hold the power button directly, the computer will shut down in five seconds.
l Disconnect the electricity. If the battery of the laptop computer is not non-removable, remove the battery. You are safe from shock at least now.
l Remove all components one by one. That means as much as possible. The first mouse, data cable, pen drive — all these. Then open the back cover of the computer which can be easily removed such as RAM, hard disk or SSD.
l It is better to send a sticky liquid to a professional repairman for cleaning. If only water remains, you can dry it yourself. First, wipe the outside with a dry cloth. If waterfalls on the table, clean it and spread it on a dry towel. Now open the lid of the laptop computer and leave it on the towel for a few hours.
l Then try to turn everything on as before. Hope it will work. If it is not possible to start, there is no other way but to send it to the mechanic.
What to do if waterfalls on the computer?


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