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Who is charging the laptop?

Who is charging the laptop?

Laptop charges are running out fast? There must be an app running on your laptop that is responsible for this. Experts say that Google’s Chrome browser is the reason why laptops charge quickly.

Google is working hard to make the Chrome browser perform better with less memory and charge. Even then, experts blamed Chrome for quickly charging the laptop.

How to fix the problem:

1. Close tabs and extensions

The more tabs and extensions you have in Chrome, the more you will be charged. However, before closing all the tabs, check from Chrome’s built-in task manager which tab is using more CPU and memory. From Chrome’s URL bar, you can go to the Task Manager through the Hamburger menu and More Tools.

You can turn off the extension that is overcharging by highlighting it and clicking End Process.

2. Hardware in Chrome settings

You can increase the performance of Chrome on the PC through the acceleration process. Go to Show Advanced Settings from Chrome Settings to find the settings. Tick ​​the hardware acceleration box. Restart Chrome.

3. Click the reset button

If you reset Google Chrome, you will get some benefits. Its position is just below the hardware acceleration on the Advanced Settings page.


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