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WordPress Website Speed Optimization Complete tutorial

WordPress Website Speed Optimization

It is not possible to do anything good with a website just by installing themes and plugins in WordPress. If you want to do something good with a website. Then learn about speed optimization of WordPress Website

Then you must improve the quality of your website as well as the design and development of the website. The most important of these is speed optimization. Now you can think again.

Why do speed optimization for your website? Well, do you want orders from your e-commerce website not to come as expected or your blog site visitors to decrease? In the answer, you must say why not. Then know that this is what can happen to you if you do not optimize your WordPress site speed. It just can’t be!

Here’s how it can be: Suppose a customer sees an advertisement for your product somewhere and enters your website to order something. Then he must want to be able to finish the order process easily. So if you want to place an order easily and quickly, you don’t have to have good website speed?

If the website is slow then you can lose that customer. You can even discourage this lost customer from others. About ordering anything from your website. Now you must have guessed something about the importance of WordPress site speed optimization.

Again, many have taken hosting from reputed companies in the hope of super fast speed but are not getting speed. Again SEO friendly articles are being published one after another. But many are not able to take advantage of the Google rankings. The reason behind all this is speed optimization.

Because in the first case, the hosting resource is distributed evenly and all the processes can be done easily from the server to your hosting server. He needs to optimize the site. And what do you think of the relationship between SEO and optimization? Google or other search engines rank or rank sites based on user experience.

If you do not optimize your site then the speed of the site will be bad or there may be many more problems. As a result, users of your website may experience bad experiences. And this is exactly the reason why search engines are not giving you rank.
There has been a lot of talks.

Now let’s get down to work.

So let me first say that we will complete all the work with a few free plugins and at the end of this post I will give you the speed optimization result of my blog in the form of a screenshot.

Check your site’s performance here:

  1. Google PageSpeed Insights
  2. GTMetrix

We will first install the plugins we need one by one. Below I gave the names with the link –

1. reSmush.it
2. Async JavaScript
3. Autoptimize
4. W3 Total Cache

Once the plugins are installed, we need to set up each plugin.

So let’s start the setup one by one.


With this, we will do image optimization. First, go to Media> reSmush.it on your site’s wp-admin panel.
Now, like the screenshot below, set the image quality to 85 and the rest of the options as marked. Mark it as you like or click on Save Changes.

Now click on Optimize all pictures from OPTIMIZE UNSMUSHED PICTURES to optimize all previously uploaded images. And this plugin will automatically optimize newly uploaded photos.

reSmush.it Wordpress plugin Full Setup
WordPress Website Speed Optimization

Async Javascript

Now we need to optimize the JavaScript code. From the panel go to Setting> Async Javascript and go to Setting and enable it with a tick mark.
Enable Async JavaScript? This option and click Apply Async in this option then Async JavaScript Method and jQuery in these two options, select Async and Save Setting. If there is a problem, follow the screenshot below.

Async Javascript Wordpress plugin Full Setup
WordPress Website Speed Optimization

Autoptimize –

Go to Settings> Autoptimize from the panel. Here you will find all the setting options of the plugin.
First go to JS, CSS & HTML then tick the settings according to the screenshot below.

Autoptimize - Wordpress plugin Full Setup
WordPress Website Speed Optimization
Autoptimize - Wordpress plugin Full Setup
WordPress Website Speed Optimization
Autoptimize - Wordpress plugin Full Setup
WordPress Website Speed Optimization

Now go to Image and tick the options exactly as I have shown in the screenshot. If you enable the Optimize Images option, your site will be connected to Shortpixel’s Global CDN (Content Delivery Network) for free.

Autoptimize - Wordpress plugin Full Setup
WordPress Website Speed Optimization

The work of this plugin is over for us. Leave the rest of the options as they are in the default setting.

W3 Total Cache –

This is a site-catching plugin. Which will greatly increase the performance of your site.

So let’s start the settings.

Look at the left sidebar of the wp-admin panel. There is an option called Performance. From here go to General Setting. The options that you will enable are given below
i. Page Cache
ii. Browser Cache
iii. Minify> Minify mode, select it auto
iv. Enable this option from Miscellaneous to Verify rewrite rules and Optimize disk enhanced page and minify disk caching for NFS.

W3 Total Cache Wordpress plugin Full Setup
WordPress Website Speed Optimization

Uncheck or uncheck the rest of the options if checked by default.

Now go to Page Cache. Below are the settings that you will enable

(1) Select from General which –
i. Cache front page
ii. Cache feeds: site, categories, tags, comments
iii. Cache SSL (HTTPS) requests
iv. Don’t cache pages for logged in users
v. Select Administrator and Editor from Don’t cache pages for following user roles.

(2) Select from Cache Preload Automatically prime the page cache and Preload the post cache upon publish events and then enter your site link in the Sitemap URL box https://example.com/sitemap.xml means add sitemap.xml at the end of your site link Will.

(3) Purge Policy: Select Page Cache, CDN in Frontpage, Post page, Blog feed, rss2 (default)

(4) Don’t cache in Rest API
(5) Select the Handle XML mime type from the bottom and then Save all settings.

Now go to Browser Cache then tick the first six settings from General and leave the rest as is and save the setting.

Now go to Extension and activate Cloudflare 

Before that go to the Cloudflare Signup page and open an account. And if the account is open, go to the login page and login into your account.

Then add your site here and remove the old name server of your domain and add the name server of Cloudflare.

Now go to API Token and copy the Global API Key from here.

Cloudflare API Token and copy the Global API Key
WordPress Website Speed Optimization

Now come back to the wp-admin of your site where we were activating the Cloudflare extension of the w3 total cache. Activate your Cloudflare email and API key here and select your site.

Here are the options to set –

(1) Cloudflare: Caching to Cache Level Aggressive
(2) Cloudflare: Turn on Rocket Loader from Content processing and enable Minify JS, Minify CSS, Minify HTML, Server side exclude Email obfuscation.
(3) Cloudflare: Enable Hotlink Protection from Image processing.
(4) Cloudflare: Protection to Security Level Medium and Browser integrity check, Always enable online.
(5) Cloudflare: Enable IP geolocation and IPv6 from IP.
(6) Cloudflare: SSL full.
Now give save the setting.

Our work is complete. Check it out now with Google PageSpeed ​​Insight or Gtmetrix. Your site’s speed score has increased many times over. More details about WordPress site speed optimization will be updated in this article.

Also, if you have any questions, feel free to let us know by writing in the comment box. We will try to answer your question as soon as possible.

Similarly, see the speed score of my own blog site optimized:

The most important of these is speed optimization.
WordPress Website Speed Optimization
The most important of these is speed optimization.
WordPress Website Speed Optimization
The most important of these is speed optimization.
WordPress Website Speed Optimization


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