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You may not know the five facts about Croatia

You may not know the five facts about Croatia

Many may not have thought that a team like Croatia would play Russia in the World Cup final. But Croatia will face France in the final next Wednesday (July 15).

In addition to Croatia’s host Russia, they have lost to strong teams like Argentina and England. If you don’t know much about this small country in Europe, here are five facts about Croatia.

>> Croatia was born in 1991

Croatia has existed under one name or another since the time of the Roman Empire. However, the current state of Croatia did not exist before 1991. In June 1991, the modern state declared its independence from Yugoslavia.

Croatia, a member of the European Union, has a population of just over 4 million. Croatia ranks 130th out of the world’s population.

>> One-third of the country is in the Hidden forest

There are some very nice national parks in Croatia. There are also some wonderful lakes, where you can swim. There are many wonderful springs scattered in the forest. There are forests in Croatia that have never been scratched by humans.

According to the World Bank, one-third of the country is forested. There are a total of eight national parks in Croatia. One of them is Plitvich Lake.

It is the largest lake in Croatia and one of the World Heritage Sites declared by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

>> Dalmatian dog from Croatia

The rare Dalmatian breed of dog was born in Croatia. It is said to have originated in the Dalmatia region. This breed of dog is famous for the black spots on its white skin.

According to experts, nowhere else in the world is there a dog like this one. And it is named Dalmatian because of its origin in Dalmatia.

>> Game of Thrones in Croatia

Game of Thrones is a fantasy kingdom with many dragons and white walkers. But this is not a dream world at all.

Kings Landing, the capital of the fictional country of Westers, seems to have existed in a city in Croatia called Dubrovnik.

This is the city where most of the Game of Thrones movies are filmed. The city is famous for its ancient Gothic and Renaissance churches.

There are all sorts of wonderful natural scenery. The popularity of Game of Thrones has also increased the number of tourists in the city.

>> Kravat Tie was also born in Croatia

A special type of tie – cravat. Is worn around the neck. It’s a lot like the modern ‘necktie’ or ‘bow tie’. In many languages, ​​the word Croatia may be found as the original word for this tie.

In the seventeenth century, during the Thirty Years’ War, Croatians in the French army wore the cloth around their necks.

From there this cravat tie was born. October 16 is celebrated every year in the country as International Kravat Day.

On this special day, Croatians wear neckties to highlight their traditions and culture.

five facts about Croatia

Source: BBC Bangla


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