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How to bite, bite, bite at a hot Singara with bit of salt and Indian onion !!


Rate- 5/10 Tk BDT.

taste- 10/10

This post is for those who are in a place where there is no lunch at the moment, there is a small rural tea biscuit singer’s shop. hot Singara

Order Singara…. If there is a glass plate, it can be served, or melamine. The plate doesn’t really matter, we won’t eat the plate anymore.

Singara has come in front of you. He looked, wow! There is also a bit of salt, onion. Our eternal enemy is the onion of India. Meal time now, so exclude enemy allies, before the meal episode is over.

Take a Singara in hand. Light breeze, day bite. It is very hot inside. The tongue is burning. Let’s burn – don’t throw it out of the mouth. Ha ha ha ha ha ha Place the bitten Singara on a glass plate, just like this [shown in the picture].

What? Someone is looking at your ha ha face? Smartly avoid these. ‘I can’t work. Lest people say something …… .. ‘You know the poem, put it into practice. Criticism is useless? These Bengalis will criticize whatever they do. You focus on eating.

Singara is cold inside the mouth. Keep biting comfortably. Throw a little onion in the face in an easy manner. Then take Singara from the saucer by hand and rub it lightly with a bit of salt, keep biting it in the face. Be sure to take Singara

After eating, tell the shopkeeper, ‘Brother, the Singara in your shop is very good, I have never eaten such a good Singara in the city. Singara costs 10 rupees a day, and 10 rupees a day is a bounty. The shopkeeper would grin and say, “Did you say, sir, that you have come to my shop and eaten Singara? I am happy with that. You are my guest. Pray, sir.

Feel free to get out of the store and into the car.

Keep thinking, “This country is still beautiful because there are still some sincere people.”

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