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5 YouTube Ranking Factors All YouTubers should know

When he has free time, he sits down with YouTube. But there is no shortage of such people.
Not all people in the world are equal. There are some idiots like me who just read about social media all day long. Word by word, so I did not go here.

Topic: 5 YouTube Ranking Factors.

You don’t have to make videos just like crazy. The main thing is how to present the video in front of everyone.
Almost all of the newcomers to our country stumble in the beginning: but why?
Hey brother, the leaves of the tree do not move in the wind. So he stumbles and makes some mistakes.
Now, your question; Do you wash the basil leaves or not?
I; To put it simply, I will answer this question in this way, “At one point, I and I were ignorant on YouTube. However, now that I have made tech-related videos, I know better than before because I have met some of these big brothers. ”
As far as I know, the subject of today’s article;

channel keyword (YouTube Ranking)

I went to take a bath in the pond next to the mosque. An older brother named Joseph tells me,
Kiri, Sagar. I created a YouTube channel. But, subscribers, why not?
Then I searched by typing channel name.
But, what a surprise!
I can’t find the channel.
Later, in the afternoon, I go and see how many videos there are like donkeys. However, the channel settings are not tied.

What I have said for so long can happen to you. sorry, not you In the case of your channel. ???

Moreover, at present almost all YouTube channels are created depending on a specific topic. You will see that there are so many messy channels, none of them rank well. This channel keyword will help you reach your channel at everyone’s doorstep. Set it to your liking, keeping it in mind.
You can set this by going to Channel Descriptions from Settings.
Read the whole post to know where to find good quality keywords.

Video keyword (YouTube Ranking)

There are so many popular channels in any channel now but they have not gained popularity for their name but today they are at the top of popularity for their content.
Suppose someone searches for something on YouTube that already has a video on your channel. But, unfortunately, it is true that the video you created did not show up in the search results.
Then, it is very easy to understand how you feel.
And the reason for this is that the video keyword is not there. So use good quality keywords in each video.

Where to use keywords

  • Video descriptions
  • Ideovideo title
  • Video content
  • Video tag
  • Video Title

Video Title

Never understand stealing? Give the video title – give a thumbnail and put one inside the video, never try to do another.
Always try to match the title with the video.
Video titles should not exceed 5 words. Because YouTube no longer searches for anything in the form of descriptions. However, there is not much of a problem.

Video descriptions (YouTube Ranking)

Video descriptions like titles are very useful. But those who have new YouTubers in our country are still ignorant about all these things. Tips?
Use some suitable keyboard in the video description
➡ It is better not to have more than two and a half hundred words in descriptions.
Try to keep keywords within the first 25 words. The search engines will give more importance to your video.
Put some links in the video. Like a link to any of your other videos. You can also give links to various social media.
But the most important thing is this. Depending on the video tag but search engines will show your videos on other people’s homepages. Try to include high-quality tags in the video. Remember your initial success depends on your video tag. Some more tips

Upload high-quality videos. (YouTube Ranking)

Remember, in this age, there is no black and white TV. So try to make an eye-catching thumbnail.
➡ Never make videos on YouTube with the hope of income but your main purpose will be to help others.
It is possible to create a good position by sharing videos on social media.
One mistake
In order to get a subscription, don’t go to the comments of any popular YouTube channel or go to Facebook and tell anyone that please subscribe to my channel.
YouTube sees this as spam.

However, this was the topic of today’s discussion. If you follow these things on YouTube then no one will be able to stop your success.

Good luck to you (quora), good keywords are available for free.
Moreover, good quality keywords are also available on
I am sincerely sorry that I could not use any images in this post. In fact, it is because you do not have enough time.

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