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China has shown another new surprise in the world of modern technology!

China has shown another new surprise in the world of modern technology!

Every day, with the spread of science, radical changes are coming in the life journey of the people. On the one hand, as people are growing, on the other hand, science is giving various surprises to make the seemingly insufficient world habitable for those people! In a busy civic life, every person is spinning like a whirlwind at every moment.

Time is very precious in human life. And that precious time is wasted unexpectedly every day in traffic jams. As a result, the destination cannot be reached at the right time. Imagine being able to get out of a traffic jam with a sophisticated bus that can run smoothly over other vehicles! What would it be like then?

This time China is going to make this idea a reality. With a population of 135.6 million, the country suffers from severe traffic jams. So the country is going to launch a modern bus called ‘Transit Elevated Bus’ to relieve the Chinese from traffic jams.

The bus model was recently unveiled at the International Hi-Tech Expo in Beijing. Which has elicited a response from the Chinese public.

According to Chinese technologists, the transit elevated bus, or TEB for short, should look like a subway. This moving bus can easily drive through the floor. If you want it, you can go over to another car without any damage to the car. Although the elevated bus looks like a subway, it costs much less than building a subway, only one-fifth. The elevated bus will carry 1,200 passengers. The Chinese government plans to launch the bus first in Qinhuangdao, Hebei province, later this year.

China has shown another new surprise in the world of modern technology



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