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Robots will remove swallowed objects suddenly

 Robots will remove swallowed objects suddenly

Swallowed something else by mistake with food?

Maybe this is the day to be restless in panic. Because, a team of scientists from three countries has created a small robot or device, which will go into the stomach and remove the unwanted thing. They hope that this device can be used to heal stomach ulcers in the future.

The introduction of robots or automated devices in medical work is not entirely new. However, the special feature of the new device is that it can be folded. And so small that it can easily fit inside a capsule. As a result, it is easier to enter the stomach.

A team of scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States, the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom, and the Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan are credited with creating this innovative medical device. Daniela Ross led the work. They say that after the small device enters the stomach, its folds open. Physicians can control it from outside the body through magnets.

Button-shaped objects (such as watches and batteries used in other devices) are occasionally swallowed, scientists say. In the United States alone, about three and a half thousand such incidents occur each year.

But with the help of the new robot, it will be possible to remove such batteries from the stomach without any surgery, the researchers said.

Robots will remove swallowed objects suddenly

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