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A bicycle has surprised the world

A bicycle has surprised the world

From now on you will be able to reach your destination safely by cycling even in storms and rains. This new bike is covered like a car. It can be run lying down again. This fancy bicycle-car has been made by an organization called ‘Ginzvelo’.

This new bike has a car-like roof. This allows the driver to be free from all external stress. Not only that, but it also has an electric motor. The motor collects the charge from the battery. On the other hand, the electricity generated while rotating the paddle is stored in the battery. It is designed to look like a Seat Dine bike. It has a 500-watt battery. Which can travel 100 miles on a single charge.

A bicycle has surprised the world

The structure of the bicycle car is made of a steel frame. On the other hand, fiberglass pods have been used to cover it. This pod can be easily lifted up and the driver can enter inside it. This three-wheeled tricycle looks a lot like a car. Headlights, backlights, tail lights, horns are all in it. Its inventor Peter Ginsberg said it doesn’t take much effort to run.

There is no problem with cycling in the sun or rain. It is suitable for comfortable travel. Peter, a Virginia resident, is also a designer. He said that if this bicycle pod comes to the market commercially, its price will be 6,900 dollars. Peter’s bicycle pod is made in aerodynamic design. As a result, it can pick up speedwell. It can accelerate up to 20 miles by turning the paddle. On the other hand, when the motor wheel rotates, the speed increases to 30 miles

A bicycle has surprised the world



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