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will the phone be charged from a distance without it?

will the phone be charged from a distance without it?

Mobile phones have in many ways made our lives easier. However, there are enough complaints about the phone charges of mobile users.

Smartphones are in even worse shape. As soon as you charge the phone, the charge runs out. Moreover, there is a problem with the charger pin. Because if there is any problem in the charger pin, it becomes useless.

So the introduction of a wireless charging system is a big challenge for technologists. However, the triumph of overcoming that challenge has already begun.

A group of young researchers from the Department of Physics at the University of Barcelona, ​​Autonomous de Barcelona, ​​are raising hopes. They have recently discovered an innovative method of supplying electrical power through two separate circuits.

Although it is still being tested. However, researchers are quite optimistic about this. However, the docking charger system has already entered the market. This dock is charged as soon as the phone is placed.

In the system they discovered, they basically layered ferromagnetic materials (iron compounds) and electrically conductive elements (such as copper).

They named the newly created substance “meta material”. It works simultaneously in emitting and storing electricity.

will the phone be charged from a distance without it

As a result, electricity can be easily exchanged between two distant electrical circuits. In this case, in the laboratory, they covered two separate circuits with the shells of meta material.

Electricity is then supplied to a circuit. After some time, if electricity is measured in another circuit, it is seen that electrical energy is also being transferred there.

This power supply rate is also much higher (about 35 times than normal). However, they are of the opinion that it is possible to transfer energy at a higher rate if the surrounding conditions and elements are improved.

Their idea is that the distance between them is theoretically zero as a result of the use of meta material in two shell circuits. As a result, as they used to transfer energy when they were together, so it will be.

They hope that using this method, electricity can be sent to mobile phones without a PIN connection. And all the complaints about the charge will be over.

will the phone be charged from a distance without it



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