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Diamond rival was born in the laboratory!

Diamond rival was born in the laboratory!

Many people know about alchemy. Many years ago, scientists thought of the impossibility of chemistry.

The subject was a lot like a fairy tale. They try to convert the cheap and cheap lead into precious gold by chemical reactions. Although their success did not come, science did not stop there.

It has been proved once again that there is nothing impossible in the journey of science. Finally, after many experiments in the laboratory, scientists have made the most amazing transformation of chemistry. They have been able to convert carbon into a diamond-like object.

This modified substance has many important properties that are very useful for medicine and industry.

Especially to physicians and industrialists due to their ferromagnetism, luminosity and electrolytic properties.

Q carbon will be much more valuable.

A team of researchers from North Carolina State University has made this impossible possible. They emit high-level laser beams on carbon molecules in the laboratory.

As a result, the carbon molecules are transformed into tiny shiny and bright objects. They named it ‘Q Carbon’. Scientists think it is another new form of the polymorphic element carbon.

It has been known for so long that diamond is the hardest substance in the world. But Q is 60 times harder and brighter than carbon or diamond. Because they think that the carbon atoms in their molecules are more tightly bound than diamonds.

Scientists have used a special type of laser beam to create this new material. This ray can raise the temperature of a thin sheet of irregular (without a specific shape and shape) carbon to 200 nanoseconds (1 nanosecond = 1 part of 1 billion parts of 1 second) to 6460 degrees Fahrenheit.

The use of lasers causes the carbon molecules to heat up very quickly, causing the sheets to melt.

Then it is cooled rapidly to form a kind of liquid crystal decorated with carbon molecules. In this test, special attention is paid to the energy level and cooling time of the carbon atoms. Because of their slight deviation, carbon forms tiny diamonds or Q carbon crystals. The whole process is also quite fast. It took researchers just 15 minutes to make one carat Q carbon from crystal. Which is really unimaginable.

Graphite and diamond have long been known as solid forms of carbon. The discovery of Q carbon led to the emergence of another new solid state of carbon. And with the discovery, he has won the hearts of everyone with his own religion and characteristics, sharing in the kingdom of diamonds. Only time will tell whether Q carbon will replace diamonds in the future.

Diamond rival was born in the laboratory



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