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can be logged in with eyeballs!

can be logged in with eyeballs!

– How wonderful nothing is happening with the advancement of technology! Google has said that the time to log in to computers, mobiles, tabs, laptops with passwords is running out. For now, Google is giving such an indication to the users of the Android operating system.

According to the search engine Google, in the case of any Google account running the Android operating system, this time you can log in with the reflection of the eyeball. Google has recently successfully given a “demo” of this special technology called “Trust API”. The technology will be available commercially later this year.

However, not only the reflection of the eyeballs should be matched, but also the image of the face, body language, and tone of voice should be matched to strengthen the protection. It will also have the facility of multiple logins. According to Google, separate security measures are being developed for mobile phones and tablets. If any legitimate Android user has a login problem, there will be a special helpline for them.

can be logged in with eyeballs

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