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Ultrasonogram can be done with a smartphone!

Ultrasonogram can be done with a smartphone. American scientists are developing this device for ultrasonograms. Philips has launched the device.
This new device called Mobius can be connected to a smartphone to do an ultrasonogram.
Experts believe that the addition of ultrasonograms to smartphones will revolutionize third-world medicine. As soon as the scanner plug is connected to the phone, the scanned image will appear on the screen.
This battery-powered device is also very affordable in terms of price. Where an advanced ultrasonogram machine costs  60,000 Thousand, this device costs ৭ 8,000.
The proliferation of this device in remote areas will facilitate the diagnosis through an ultrasonogram. The new device will make it possible to have ultrasonograms of the fetus, heart, lungs, gallbladder, liver, and breasts during pregnancy.
Ultrasonogram scanners are usually in the hospital or clinic for which the patient has to go. But this device can be easily taken to remote areas and scanned there if needed. The scanned image can be easily sent via a mobile network or WiFi.
Manufacturers are providing Windows for their own tablets and smartphones with scanners. But they are working on how to turn it on in Apple and Android operating systems.


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