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the pen will write everything by itself!

the pen will write everything by itself!

The game of surprise is going on in the world. Scientists are constantly surprising the world with new discoveries. They are researching the necessary things and discovering all the instruments that are being used for the welfare of the people. One such discovery is ‘Axis Draw’. the pen will write everything by itself

Do you want to write in a notebook or print from a computer? However, without any printer, this device will write or draw you exactly on the notebook.

If you order to write with a pen, you will write everything by yourself. If you want to take a print-out of the file of an application saved on the computer, save it in ‘Axis Draw’.

‘Axis Draw’ will print your application file by hand with a pen on the grip attached to it.

‘Axi Draw’ is actually a robotic printer. This printer prints like handwriting. Fill in the blanks on its printer with a fountain pen of any kind.

From any type of handwriting to your signature or any type of diagram, this ‘Axis Draw’ will draw in an instant.

It will cost 450 dollars in US dollars. It will cost about 35 thousand Bangladeshi rupees.



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