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Twenty-one facts about Google – maybe you didn’t know it

Twenty-one facts about Google – maybe you didn’t know it

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Unknown information from Google, one of the largest and most popular search engines in the world.

Google is used by millions of people around the world and for many, it has become an important part of their internet activities. Google, of course, is no longer just a search engine, but a huge technology company.

Twenty-one facts about Google – maybe you didn’t know it, if you haven’t already!

1. There is nothing surprising in the first. Google is the most visited website in the world, meaning that most of the internet users have visited this website at least once.

2. Google started with two college students – Larry Page and Sergey Brin. They wanted to create a website – a comparative list of other web pages. This will be based on how many of the other websites have linked to them.

3. The word Google is derived from googol – the name of a special number. The number is: what happens when you put 100 zeros on the back of 1 – that’s it. Why did Larry and Sergei choose this name? The huge amount of data that their website will search for – that’s what they meant by that name.

4. The first Google doodle – a picture used on Google’s home page as a memento of an important event or day – was created in 1997 to celebrate a festival called Burning Man. The founders of Google thought they would explain why they were absent from the office.

5. One of Google’s most memorable doodles is the discovery of water on the moon, and to celebrate John Lennon’s 70th birthday. John Lennon’s doodle was again the first video doodle.

6. The first Google server was housed in a custom case made with Lego.

7. Google is headquartered in Googleplex and is located in Silicon Valley, California.

8. Googleplex has a huge statue of a T-Rex dinosaur – often seen sitting on numerous plastic pink flamingos. Rumor has it that this is a warning to employees to never let Google go extinct.

9. Google’s headquarters is huge and has a lot of green space inside. Lawn-mower machines are not used for mowing here. For this, Google hires goats from outside.

10. Google is the first major technology company to serve free meals to its employees. In addition, employees are allowed to bring their pet dogs to the office.

11. Google Image Search was launched in 2001 – inspired by the green dress worn by Jennifer Lopez at the 2000 Grammy Awards. It became the most popular search on Google.

12. Google’s own email service, Gmail, was announced on April 1, 2004, on Fools’ Day. Many thought it was a joke.

13. Google was first included in the dictionary as a verb (in the sense of ‘Google it’) in 2006. Miriam-Webster Dictionary writes that Google means “using the Google search engine to search for information from the World Wide Web.”

14. YouTube became a member of the Google family in 2006. Google bought YouTube for more than one and a half-billion dollars. Now there are about 200 crore monthly users of YouTube. Every hour 400 hours of video are uploaded on YouTube.

15. A Google engineer once “collapsed” the Internet system in 2009. He accidentally added the forward-slash (‘/’) sign to the registry of Google’s blocked website. Since almost every website has a ‘/’ sign, no website was accessible online at that time.

16. About 15 percent of Google searches are brand new – never before.

16. Google became the first company in April 2017 to use 100% renewable energy. This means that they are buying one kilowatt of electricity as well as consuming one kilowatt of electricity per day.

16. Google actually has six birthdays. But they have decided that only September 26 will be their birthday.

19. Google has a variety of tactics. For example, if you search the word askew in English, you will see that the whole page is tilted to one side.

20. As much computing power as was used to send people to the moon aboard Apollo 11 – now just one Google search uses almost the same amount of computing power.

21. Google is no longer just a search engine. In the future, there will be artificial intelligence, streaming-based game play, and even driverless cars.

Twenty-one facts about Google – maybe you didn’t know it

Source: BBC

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