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mobile charge in the sand

mobile charge in the sand!

Suppose you are walking on a lonely beach. The mobile phone is in the ear. On the other end, his girlfriend’s melodious voice is talking. But suddenly one of the questions was answered and your phone was switched off due to lack of charge. Angrily, he threw the phone in the sand to throw it. After a while, he tried to press the power, saw that the mobile phone was turned on again. mobile charge in the sand

Then see who else you are happy with. But what is the secret behind turning on the mobile phone? Zakari Favres, a grad student from California, claims that if you put your mobile phone in the sand of the beach for a while, the phone will get its vitality.

According to them, sand contains a lot of silicon which is very effective in charging lithium-ion batteries. Graphite is an important component of lithium-ion batteries. A silicone prototype battery is also made by Zakari Favres. Researchers claim that this battery will last up to three times longer than the battery currently used in mobile phones and will charge in the sand. –

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