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A whole computer can be kept inside the ear

A whole computer can be kept inside the ear

Suppose you are swimming. You have a small computer inside your ear that is listening to you under the water and measuring your heart rate. The name of this strange device is ‘The Dash’. The discoverer is Nicolid, who is not only an athlete but also a technologist and the chief executive of an organization called Brazi. And it looks like a wireless earphone.

New chips have been invented day by day, and with it the size of computers has decreased. But no matter how small, it feels like a whole computer can be kept in the ear!

A whole computer can be kept inside the ear

Nikolai Vid was previously the head of a design company. For two years he has been touring various companies with the idea of ​​his in-ear earphones but has not found any investors. In the end, he turned to a crowdfunding platform. It is for their benefit that he gets the opportunity to test the idea in practice. The test was whether customers would like the device. He got a lot of responses. In six weeks, about 16,000 people invested more than 2.5 million euros. Again, Nikolai’s product has never been tested by hand. Eventually, a product was created that would be available in three sizes. And it can be used in all types of ears.

“Creating The Dash was a huge challenge,” he said. We are still working to make the dash complete. It’s actually a very small computer, with the same capacity as a laptop fifteen years ago. But the device is so small that it can be placed inside the ear, not over the ear. From there, the device will not only entertain you, but also assist you in your work and even take care of your health. ‘

Nicholas and 40 of his friends are working with Dash. Dash will be available in the market in three sizes. So it can be used in any ear. Nikolai’s company Brazi did not provide any information on the value of the dash.

A whole computer can be kept inside the ear



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