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Smartphones will be charged only if you send an SMS

 Smartphones will be charged only if you send an SMS!

The most troublesome thing in the mobile phone is the battery recharge system. There is no problem where there is the facility of a city or full-time power supply. But in Ajparaga or remote hilly areas, one often gets in trouble with battery charge. Smartphones will be charged only if you send an SMS

There has been little research on how to recharge mobile phones without electricity. Various methods have been discovered.

But none of them were very effective or popular. So scientists have discovered a different method.

The responsibility for recharging the battery in a powerless area is over just by sending an SMS to the phone operator. A smartphone will be fully charged in an hour and a half. For this, of course, the service charge has to be multiplied.

Scientists believe that this method is more useful for developing countries like Asia and Africa. There is a huge shortage of electricity in the remote areas of these countries.

This method has already been successfully applied in Uganda.

In this way, the battery will be charged in the solar system. This technology is called Maximum Power Point Tracking MPPT. This will ensure a battery charge of 60 watts. The SMS system will provide full solar power and charge on the cellphone from the heat of the weather.

In a point-to-point circuit system, it will deliver wireless charges to the cellphone. No separate charger is required for this.

Through the MPPPT monitor, it will provide a charge to the expected cellphone at any time of the day or night. This charging system will be activated by converting stored solar and thermal energy into wireless electricity. This service can be easily accepted by sending an SMS.

In Uganda, 110 ceiling service charges are being levied on a full charge each trial. As soon as the SMS is sent in this way, a lead socket is turned on for that particular cellphone. This means that the cell phone has started charging.

Uganda has already launched 10 charging points under the Buffalo Grid to provide this service. Now 30 to 50 cellphones are being successfully charged in a day.

In this context, Buffalo Grid spokesman Daniel BCira said that this method can be used as an alternative to solar energy and reduce the waste of electricity. It is possible to reduce the additional suffering of customers. The method is environmentally friendly and affordable.

It will soon be piloted in various Asian countries.


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