New technology

new technology to confirm identity!

new technology to confirm identity!

Fingerprint and iris detection technology has been introduced in the office, at home, or on smartphones to confirm the identity of the user. But some weaknesses of these technologies are also being caught. And so researchers are working to innovate more reliable technologies to ensure user identity.

As part of this, they have become optimistic about a new biometric system, which will be able to send a word through a human skull and retrieve it to confirm the user’s identity through frequency analysis.

The University of Stuttgart in Germany, the University of Saarland, and the Max Planck Institute for Informatics are working on a new technology called ‘Skalconduct’. In this method, a sister conduction speaker and a mic will be placed on the user’s head.

The speaker will be associated with a slightly modified Google Glass.

A 1 second sound (audio clip) from the speaker will be played from one end of the user’s skull. The word will be contained at the other end. The unique frequency found in it can be analyzed to confirm the identity of the user.

Researchers have had great success in research. They said that 97 percent of the time, Skalconduct technology has been able to successfully verify the identity of the user. However, two limitations have been found. First, if the user is in an environment where there is a lot of noise from outside, then that noise from outside can interfere with the 1 second sound of the scalcond conductor.

In that case, it may not be possible to identify the user. And another limitation is that the response of the mic to the collected sound may be different due to the user’s weight gain, which may make it difficult to confirm the user’s identity.

It is hoped that the Skalconduct technology, which is in the research stage, will be able to overcome its weaknesses before it comes to market. And then if it doesn’t become a mainstream solution, it can be used as a second-tier security measure.

The details of the study will be presented at next month’s ‘Conference for Human-Computer Interaction’ in San Jose, California, USA.

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