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Sony is building intelligent and passionate robots

Sony is building intelligent and passionate robots

The difference between humans and robots is in intelligence and emotion. Robotic technology has advanced a lot in terms of artificial intelligence. This time, the Japanese technology company Sony has focused on making the robot emotional. This was reported by the technology website The Verge.

Sony has been working on Artificial Intelligence technology since 1999. First, they created the robot dog ‘Ibo’. They stopped the production of this robot in 2006.

Sony President Kazuo Hirai told a news conference in Tokyo on Wednesday that Sony’s plans for the coming year would be finalized. He said that Sony will bring forward a robot that will be able to build emotional relationships with humans.

Kazuo Hirai said that just last April, Sony created a separate department for those working on robotic technology, who are researching the future of robotic technology.

Hirai added that Sony will soon release a robot to help with household chores.

In the field of artificial intelligence and robotic technology, Sony is working on combining both its audio and visual mediums. Last month, Sony bought Kogitai from a US technology company. This startup works with artificial intelligence.

However, no details have been released on how these emotional robots will work or how they will interact with humans.

Earlier, another Japanese company Softbank had created an emotional robot. Named ‘Pepper’.

Sony is building intelligent and passionate robots


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