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Do you believe that dissatisfied souls are always around us?

Do you believe that dissatisfied souls are always around us?

Many believe that unsatisfied souls are always around us. We never feel their existence, never again. It is really frightening to hear about the daily activities of five such dissatisfied souls in Japan.

Here are the five unsatisfied souls:

Okiku Doll: The little girl’s name is Okiku. The incident happened many years ago. The girl had a beautiful doll wearing a traditional dress Armatha with short hair. The doll was Okiku’s constant companion.

One day the girl died of a cold. A few days later an amazing thing happened. The doll’s hair has become longer than before. Everyone assumed that Okiku’s soul had entered the doll. From then on, the doll was kept in the Manenji temple.

Kuchisake Onna: Kuchisake Onna died in an accident. He had a deep cut on his face while he was alive and he was deeply saddened by it. After his death, Onna’s dissatisfied soul wanders the streets in a rage and asks questions whenever he sees Kai.

Am I beautiful to look at? If a traveler sees her face covered with a trench coat and surgical mask and calls her beautiful, Onna cuts off her face and leaves scars. I Will do And if someone calls him ugly, he has to lose his head.

Hitobashira: One of the ancient ideas prevalent in Japan is that when people use different installations, the creator is happy and the installation is long-lasting. There is no telling how many hundreds of women, men, and children have been sacrificed in different places. The souls of all these sacrificed people still roam the streets today.

Girl from the Gap: This spirit is hidden in the corners of the house. The people in the house hypnotize someone if they meet his eyes. Invites to play hide and seek.

Danger if you agree to it. The unknown will take you to a place from which you cannot return.

Tick ​​Tick: It is the dissatisfied soul of a beautiful woman. It was cut in the middle of the train a long time ago. From then on, he could not find the lower part and walked with both hands. There is a ticking sound while walking. When he finds someone in the middle of the night, he does the same.

Do you believe that dissatisfied souls are always around us?
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