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How to get more likes on Facebook?

How to get more likes on Facebook?

Almost all the users noticed how many likes they got with the status and pictures on Facebook. The business also depends on the likes of the product or organization. What kind of status, post, or picture on Facebook to get more likes?

A foreign organization called Kisemetrics has done research on this subject. Take a look at the results – take a look at what you’re posting. In addition, 104 percent of the comments and 64 percent of the likes are available in the image-based status.

53 percent more likes, 104 percent more comments, 64 percent likes, writing in 60 words or less, increasing the engagement by 8 percent.

More than 100% of comments are found on content status quotes or posts.

More than 40 percent of users can be involved by posting once or twice a day.

If you post weekly writing one to four times a week, you will get 71 percent more response.

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