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Google wants to avoid the hassle of remembering passwords

Google wants to avoid the hassle of remembering passwords

Passwords have to be used for the security of the smartphone or online account. Smartphone or online users. But remembering passwords is annoying to almost everyone.

Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Many people use the same password in multiple online accounts for the convenience of remembering.

But we also have to worry about this. Technology analysts also think that the conventional password system is quite annoying and outdated. Even this password can be easily hacked.

In reality, the technology news media Senate reported. Google wants to get rid of the hassle of remembering passwords. For this, the US company has entered into a partnership agreement with the password manager ‘Dashline’.

Dashline authorities said on Thursday. They are working on a new project with Google. This will allow Android users to easily and securely log in to their mobile apps by saving their passwords.

Not just mobile apps; This allows you to create, save and use passwords for different websites. It does not need to remember the password.

Google-Dashline’s project is called ‘You Only Log in Once’; YOLO for short. Companies that want to create password managers can also get involved in this project.

Google has been making various announcements for over a year to save users from the hassle of remembering passwords. The company said in an announcement in December 2015. They have developed alternative methods to eliminate the risk of passwords.

Using this method, customers will be able to access Gmail and YouTube services by simply clicking on the ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ option instead of the password.

Exactly five months after this announcement, the company made the announcement again.
They have plans to bring a new type of recognition software called ‘Trust API’.

This technology will work with the help of applied science, which will recognize the user through his type, speaking, walking, etc. There is no need to give a separate password.

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Google wants to avoid the hassle of remembering passwords


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